Although it may not be foremost on anyone’s mind, Fire Resistant Doors Mount Laurel NJ can add another dimension of security by providing a barrier to keep a fire at bay if one occurs in a home or business. Fire-rated glazing products block heat so the occupants on the non-fire side can have time to escape and seek safety. South Jersey Glass & Door is a UL certified provider of fire rated glass for commercial, residential, and industrial customers, and they have both in-stock items and non-stock items that can be custom tailored to fit any need.

Fire-Rated Glazing

Fire-rated glazing is a material that is incorporated into glass windows, doors, and other objects that may be subjected to high temperatures. It is most often used with ceramic glass since it can handle temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking. This product is often used for windows and glass doors in commercial buildings to meet or beat fire safety codes and to provide maximum protection from fire and heat while people are trying to maneuver out of the vicinity of the flames.

Custom Glass Products

Fire-glazed windows and Fire Resistant Doors in Mount Laurel NJ can be customized to fit any size or space. When used with aluminum framing systems and commercial-grade hardware, a business can add a valuable element of safety for the people who frequent the facility. Fire glazed products are not limited to use in commercial and industrial establishments, but they can also be designed for home use or anywhere where added fire protection is desired.

Other Uses

Fire-resistant glass can be used for other products besides doors and windows. It is a key component for glass fireplace surrounds and glass cook-tops where excessive heat is a constant concern. Wood-burning stoves also use fire safety glass, as do outdoor cooking grills that have a glass viewing window installed. Fire-glazed glass can also be made into glass panels and used as interior walls in offices and atrium areas where a less-confining feeling is important but safety is too.

Fire-rated glass is an important element when trying to achieve the safest accommodations possible in a commercial or residential space. For more information regarding this product, please Visit the website.