Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Not Just for Businesses

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Fire Protection

The National Fire Protection Association says that there are almost 380,000 residential fires every year. When a fire starts burning, it spreads very quickly. What starts out as a small fire can quickly become a raging blaze. Having a fire system installation company in NJ like Newark Professional Fire Protection Corporation design, install, and maintain a sprinkler system can turn out to be a lifesaver.

Why a Sprinkler System?

Installing and maintaining smoke alarms is a good first step, but did you know that you will generally have five minutes or less to get everybody out of your home in a fire situation. Having Newark Professional Fire Protection Corporation design and install a residential sprinkler system can save you money, and quite possibly yours or a loved one’s life. Residential sprinkler systems can decrease the risk of death from fire by 80%. During a fire, a sprinkler system can keep the fire controlled and retained to the area in which it started.

An Affordable Solution

Many people think that installing a sprinkler system is beyond their means, but they typically cost less than $1.50 per foot. When you think about how much you could need to spend on repairs to your home after a fire, or how costly possible medical expenses could be, it starts to sound like a great idea. After all, wouldn’t you rather proactively protect your family and your home.

Concerns About Water Damage

Another concern people have about installing a sprinkler system is that it could go off if there is smoke, but no fire in the house. They worry that all their possessions will be water damaged for no reason. The technological advances in the fire industry mean that the system recognizes the difference between smoke and the heat of a fire. Take the time to talk to the folks at Newark Professional Fire Protection Corporation and see everything they have to offer you in the way of fire protection.

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