Five Light Exercises For Back Pain Treatment in Grand Rapids

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Pain Management

It is no secret that exercise is a great idea for back pain treatment in Grand Rapids, MI. Exercise keeps your muscles and joints strong while alleviating pain. Light exercises are a good option because they encourage physical activity without overdoing it.

Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow pose is a yoga exercise that requires little movement and no equipment. It is designed to increase flexibility while relieving tension in your lower back. The pose also releases tension in the core muscles, which are located in your back and abdominals.

Knee-to-Chest Stretch

The Knee-to-Chest Stretch is ideal for back pain treatment in Grand Rapids, MI. This stretch reduces pain and tension in your lower back and hips. Plus, you can lie down while performing this exercise.

Standing Lumbar Extension

The Standing Lumbar Extension offers a range of back-related benefits, including pain prevention, pain relief, and improved posture. You can also use this exercise to reduce your risk of injury.

Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose is another yoga exercise that stretches and strengthens the back. It lengthens the spine to help with various back conditions. Furthermore, this pose improves posture by reducing slouching.

Supported Bridge

The Supported Bridge is another yoga pose that allows you to lie down, but it offers various benefits for your back. This pose strengthens the mid-to-upper back, relieves lower-back tension, and improves posture. If you need professional back pain treatment in Grand Rapids, MI, you can find many services at QC Kinetix (Grand Rapids – East). Visit to schedule a free consultation with a medical professional. View Testimonials.

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