The population in America is aging. Instead of sending the elderly into nursing homes or other forms of care, a movement is afoot to retain them in their homes as long as is suitable. It is not simply the cost of nursing homes or the lack of spaces that is behind this approach. Research indicates there are many good reasons for choosing in home care. Below, you will find a list of five positive reasons for choosing home care.

Number 1: Independence

By remaining at home, the elderly can retain a sense of independence. A home caregiver, unless otherwise instructed, is there to provide help and guidance. They are not there to take over every aspect of the elderly person’s life. They help them feel they still have some control over their life, and how they live it.

Number 2: Maintaining a Sense of Dignity

A sense of dignity is one characteristic every human being shares. By placing an elderly person into a home or removing control for their lives, you strip them of this characteristic.

Number 3: Continuity

For those with Alzheimer’s or memory issues, it is important that life retains a pattern they recognize and find comfort in. In home care provides them with that sense of sameness of continuity. This results in less emotional or psychological upsets and can reduce the amount of potential incidents.

Number 4: Relief

For family members, having someone there to take care of their elderly parent provides them with much needed relief. In the case of a spouse, the arrival of a home care worker allows them some respite. It means they will have time for their own needs.

Number 5: Health Benefits

For those recovering from an illness, at home service increases the rate of health improvement. Moreover, those at home often remain healthy longer.
These are only a few of the many benefits you can derive from in home care.