It’s Twin Falls, not the Arctic. It might not be the coldest during the day, but it can get to be pretty chilly by the evening time. During the winter months, you might be running the heat overnight. No one has to tell you heat isn’t free because you’ve already told your kids that a thousand times since New Year’s Day.

A number of people turned to hard money loans in Nampa over the winter because of the added expenses each month. We decided we wanted to do everything within our power to help you save some more money. We wanted to make sure you could find a comfortable balance between staying toasty and taking less of a hit on the wallet. Otherwise, it might be a while before your next healthy payday. Here are five quick ways to get through your winter bills without breaking the bank:

1. Use the fireplace.

Who doesn’t love a nice, warm fire? It can make your home a home while making it a comfortably warm place to live. The best part about such a cozy way to heat up the house is that you can do it without having to spend much more than the cost of fire wood.

2. Check community websites like Craigslist* for firewood.

You would be surprised how many people have truckloads of wood, debris, and timber that they are literally begging to have taken off their hands. Jump on the opportunity and you can get yourself some firewood for the cost of a trip and back. There are times when someone has an entire truckload of wood available. A single trip could last several weeks.

3. Get a personal heater.

There are some nights that are just far too cold to skip out on the heat. However, heating a whole house can be a waste of money. Purchase an inexpensive personal heater (preferably one that rotates) to get you through the night without having to pay through the wallet. Meanwhile, it may help reduce the amount you need to take out hard money loans in Nampa.

4. Get a heating blanket.

No, you don’t have to be eighty years old to use a heating blanket. There is no telling how many times a simple heating blanket can be a cold body’s lifesaver.

5. Make sure your windows and door-frames are firmly sealed.

This goes for winter warmth and summer cool. Windows without seals will lose you thousands of dollars a year in utilities bills. If you aren’t feeling brave enough for a DIY adventure, there are plenty of handyman companies in the area that can help you save a lot of money. After all, if you do take out hard money loans in Nampa, it should be spent on the things you need… not on avoidable expenses.

It’s important to contact the right company when you’re in need of a hard money loans in Nampa. Contact Alpha Lending, LLC to discuss your credit needs today.