Let’s go ahead and establish right up front that pizza is still the undisputed king of delivery foods. For decades pizza delivery services have been a staple of the American household. The convenience of being able to call in your order on your way home from work and have dinner ready when you get home is a godsend for some families who are not able to spend the time it takes to make a meal from scratch. But, pizza is no longer the only delivery player. Food delivery in Cary, NC has increased over the last few years thanks to the rise of other delivery services.

The Rise of Third Party Delivery

This isn’t just restaurants offering these services, but third party delivery companies that charge a percentage of the price of your order. These companies often work with the restaurant to arrange for their services to be used. Once a service provider has established a deal with a restaurant, customers can place their order on the delivery service’s website and have someone bring their food to their door. Be sure to keep in mind when using a service like this that these companies, while in business with the restaurant, are not employed by them. This means that if something is wrong with your order, the delivery driver is in no position to negotiate any type of deal or discount.

Pizza Reigns Supreme

At the end of the day pizza is still the giant of the food delivery industry. These days, pizzerias are adding new items to their menus to keep customers from moving to other services, which could cut into their delivery business. So far, this is working, and it works out great for the consumer. Most pizzerias that deliver, and some that don’t, now have menus that are far more extensive than they were in the past.

Don’t expect pizza delivery to go anywhere anytime soon, in fact, expect even more new menu items to be added in the future to help maintain pizza’s dominance in this industry.