There are a lot of different options in smartphones on the market today, including those with specialized screen sizes, enhanced graphics or even with different design elements and features. These phones are great for some people, but they really aren’t designed with durability in mind in all types of conditions.

A better option for outdoor enthusiasts, those who work outdoors or in challenging types of environments or those that are active is to choose a rugged waterproof smartphone. Designed to protect the phone without the need for a bulky and costly protective case, these phones are sturdy yet also stylish, and they are surprisingly streamlined and lightweight considering their durability.

Differences to Consider

There are different styles of rugged waterproof smartphone models, so it is worth the time to compare a few for selection. The top phones will be waterproof, not just water resistant, and will also be shock and dust proof.

These three factors are important to consider for those who are outdoors a lot or who need their phone for work in areas where dust, water and the risk of damage to the phone is high. With these phones Gorilla glass, which is made by Corning, is typically covering the screen, keeping it scratch free without the need for those film covers.

Options to Look For

Don’t let the term rugged waterproof smartphone cause you to think this is just a protected basic smartphone. Some of the models offer all the features of a much more costly smartphone, including a high resolution screen, full touchscreen controls, the latest in Android operating systems and dual core processors.

These phones also offer the option to add a micro-SD card, adding up to 32G of additional storage over and above the standard memory in the phone. This is a great addition for work phones or for phones that are going to be used for photography. Keep in mind that there are different camera options including both a rear and front camera that is equal to any smartphone on the market.

There are also quad-band GSM phones with a more traditional Blackberry type of style. These are ideal for any type of rugged use and since they have buttons rather that touchscreen controls for dialing, issues with grease or moisture on the fingers isn’t a problem for operating.

With all the options in rugged, durable all-use type of smartphones, finding the right model will never be a problem. Just make sure to check out all options before you make a final choice.