Are you a strong believer in your 2nd amendment rights that are guaranteed by the constitution of the United States? Yes, there is the amendment that says all citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. That means our government guarantees us that we can own and carry guns around. If you want to be a gun owner, then you should learn about gun safety and how to shoot the gun you are interested in shooting. At the Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range, professional instructors teach classes for all levels of shooters from complete beginners to a professional shooter.

The classes for shooting will teach you about legal issues of gun ownership and usage. They have classes especially for women and for those that want to be able to apply for their CCW (concealed weapons permit). They even have classes for those that would like to be able to compete in shooting tournaments.

At the Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range, they have one of the best Gun Shops Reno has. They have a huge range of guns that you can choose from. Besides hand guns that can be revolvers or semi-automatics, they also have rifles from single shot to semi-autos and even full automatics and assault rifles.

Not only do the Gun Shops Reno has at the Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range sell guns, they also have professional gunsmiths available to help you take care of your gun. Their gunsmiths repair guns they offer sight packages, frame modifications, pistol trigger jobs and they can help you customize your favorite gun.

When you visit the Gun Shops Reno has out at the Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range, you can find shooting apparel and all of the accessories that you could possibility need. Need help learning the proper way to clean your gun, they can help with that too.

Whether you want to take classes to learn to shoot or to become a more proficient shooter, the Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range is the best place to get those lessons. While there, shop the Gun Shops Reno has there for cleaning kits, gun safes, holsters for both open and conceal carrying and have a chat with their gunsmith if you have any issues with one of your guns.

Exercise your 2nd amendment rights to gun ownership, but do it safely by taking a starter class at the Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range.