Four Benefits Of Green Teas That You May Not Have Known

by | Mar 2, 2012 | Shopping

In the morning, when you wake up and drink a cup of tea, you feel refreshed. People enjoy drinking this golden brown liquor not only for its taste and aroma but also for its nutritive quality. One of the finest quality tea is green tea. It is well known because of it contains huge amounts of antioxidant and polyphenols. The amount of these nutrients are higher that are present in most vegetables and fruits. The beverage also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins.

Green tea is also known to have powers in preventing people from a number of diseases. Here are some benefits of this natural and sophisticated beverage:

* Green teas help in destroying free radicals, which are known to cause cancer in human bodies, irrespective of age and gender. Health experts say that consumption of four to five cups of tea helps in preventing cancer to a large extent. With high amounts of theanine and polyphenols, this beverage is also capable of preventing stomach cancer and ulcers.

* High cholesterol levels in blood can lead to a critical disease called “atherosclerosis”. A “bad” variety of cholesterol, also known as LDL or Low-density Lipoprotein, is responsible for the disease. However, if you drink green tea regularly, it will restrict the formation of LDL and will encourage the formation of “good” cholesterol, also known as HDL or High-density Lipoprotein. This variant of cholesterol actually protects human beings from “atherosclerosis”.

* Today, most people suffer from high blood pressure. Regular consumption of green teas can help in controlling blood pressure. This will protect you from several other diseases such as stroke, heart disease, and various other cardiovascular diseases and keep you fit and fine.

* Regular intake of antioxidants (naturally occurring compounds that restrict cell damage) is necessary to ensure long and healthy life. Green tea contains large amount of these substances. Hence, regular consumption of this beverage will help you stay healthy and look young for a number of years.

The above mentioned benefits of consuming green teas should encourage you to drink this beverage to stay fit and fine. You should always buy this product from a reputed company. Branded products are likely to be of better quality and higher nutritional value than those marketed by run-of-the-mill brands. If you want to buy superior quality tea, you should look for reputed tea makers. Browse the Internet, visit websites of some leading companies and compare the prices of products before you select one. This will ensure you get quality products at reasonable rates.

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