There are times when a person nears the end of his or her life, and hospice or palliative care is suggested. In this type of care, the greatest efforts are given to ensure the dying person is kept as comfortable as possible until the last breath is taken. In most instances, this type of care goes a long way toward easing the burden on the family members as well. There are clinics that provide Family Care Services in Naples, FL. Following are some questions that people often have about hospice care.

  • When is a good time to ask about hospice? The best time to find out about hospice is well in advance of the need for such care. It is better to equip oneself with the knowledge of what all hospice care can do for a family than to be in a situation where everything is thrust on the family all at once.
  • What is necessary for hospice care to begin? Typically, the patient’s physician will make recommendations for the need of the services. Services will usually start within a 48 hour period. However, it can begin earlier if the circumstances are dire.
  • Will hospice service be available anytime? Hospice services are available, normally, on an on-call basis after business hours. Usually, the hospice staff member can return a call within minutes of a request for assistance.
  • Can a loved one receive hospice care if he or she is already in a nursing home or some other type of facility? The answer is that yes. Hospice staff members can arrange for the loved one to receive hospice at the facility he or she is in.

They have been offering end-of-life care for patients and their families for many years in the Naples, Florida area. The clinic has health care, home nursing care and memory care options. The staff at the clinic operates on the premise of ensuring that each patients receives optimum care. If you have more questions about Family Care Services in Naples, FL, the clinic is available or visit the website.