There are many choices when it comes to choosing new or replacement windows for the home and Marvin is one of the most popular brands. Homeowners who are interested in learning more about these windows can read the frequently asked questions below before contacting a company that specializes in Marvin Windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

What styles of new and replacement windows are offered by this company?

Marvin provides homeowners with a variety of choices for new and replacement windows. These styles include double and single hung, awning, casement, glider, bay, tilt turn, and round top windows. Specialty windows, such as those with uncommon shapes, corner windows, polygon and pivot windows are also available.

What types of materials can homeowners choose from when purchasing these windows?

The Marvin window brand provides several types of materials for their windows to suit any style. Extruded aluminum clad is an extremely durable material that resists chalking a fading. It’s available in an array of colors, such as green, gray and tan. Various species of wood is also available, and it comes ready to be stained. Wood choices include pine, cherry, and white oak. The fiberglass option from Marvin is strong, tough, durable and energy efficient.

Are there different kinds of glass to choose from in this window brand?

When homeowners select Marvin windows, they also have a choice when picking the glass. Tinted options are available as well as several decorative selections. If requested by the customer, Marvin can add a special coating to the glass for low reflection. Homeowners who would prefer windows that help block out sound can choose a special glaze for their windows. For the best in energy efficiency, homeowners can also select insulating glass or triple glass for their new windows. To learn all about the features and options of new and replacement windows, contact a company that specializes in Marvin Windows in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Their knowledge and experience with this window brand will help their customers choose the best windows for their home.

Homeowners who decide to install or replace the windows in their home can contact Business Name. This family-owned company carries many name brand windows, including Marvin, and they also offer professional installation services.