People who have injuries and hospital bills due to defective products should consider filing a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer or the responsible parties. To learn more about defective product liability and these types of lawsuits, read the frequently asked questions below. Individuals who decide to file a lawsuit due to a product injury should contact a Product Liability Attorney for a consultation.

Q.) Are there different types of lawsuits concerning faulty or defective products?

A.) There are basically three types of liability lawsuits concerning defective products. The first type occurs when the manufacturing plant is at fault when making a product and the faulty product causes an injury. Another type of injury can occur when a product has a flawed design that is considered harmful or dangerous because it caused someone to become injured. The last type of product liability is when an injury occurs due to inadequate instructions or warning labels on a product.

Q.) What kind of proof must an individual show to validate that an injury was caused by a defective product?

A.) Individuals must be able to prove that they were actually injured by using a certain product. They also have to show how the product was defective and how the faulty product caused the injury. Lastly, individuals must confirm that they were using the product correctly when the injury occurred.

Q.) Is there a time limit from the date of the product injury to the time when an individual can file a lawsuit?

A.) Yes, there is a specific amount of time that individuals have to file a product liability lawsuit. The specific time limit is different in each state and if a lawsuit isn’t filed within that time frame, it will be too late to file a claim. As soon as individuals discover that an injury has been caused by a defective product, they should contact a Product Liability Attorney as quickly as possible.

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