A blasting cabinet is a machine that helps you blast objects using high pressure. The process requires you to put on safety measures such as gloves to protect you from being exposed to abrasives, contamination, or dust. If you are thinking of using blasting cabinets in California, you probably have some unsettled questions in your mind. Therefore, the following are some commonly asked questions many users ask and their responses:

  1. What Differences Occur Between The Siphon And Pressure Blasting Cabinets?

The main difference between the blasting cabinets is the speed. The pressure blasting cabinets use pressurized air to do the blast in a faster way than the siphon counterparts, which uses suction techniques. Also, the pressure-basting cabinets are more costly than the siphon units because of their high speed and efficiency.

  1. What Is The Amount Of Air Needed To Use An Abrasive Blasting Cabinet?

The amount of air that will be used to create enough pressure for abrasive cabinets will solely depend on the nozzle. This means that the larger the nozzle, the higher the amount of air needed, hence the greater the compressing power.

  1. How To Handle Metal Warping During Blasting

When using high-pressure abrasive blasting cabinets, the amount of compression produced can be high to the point of causing warping on metals. However, you can always minimize the risk of warping by using the recommended pressures and maintaining proper nozzle distance (3 to 6)” and angle (45 degrees to the surface).

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