From Classic to Contemporary: The Evolution of the Tin Ceiling in Long Island, NY

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

About 100 years ago, tin ceilings were as common as kitchens within the home. They were standardized, and a major presence in Victorian architecture. Tin ceilings went away for many decades, but contemporary culture has a way of bringing back classic ideas and making them contemporary reenvisionings of a once classic style.

The tin ceiling in Long Island NY is a fantastic option that captures the spirit of Victorian style, at least from the interior. Modern tin works a little bit different in construction and design. There is a high-end to the Tin Ceiling in Long Island NY, as well as a lower end to the market. Tin is extremely popular for backsplashes in the kitchen, as well as artwork. The construction companies recommend it for the ceiling, which is where it has the greatest potential to dazzle. When shopping on a budget, tin can be recreated as an imitation. The imitations are usually a mix of plastic and tin (they rarely are entirely plastic). The imitations are powder-coated to provide a seamless coloration.

The Tin Ceiling Long Island NY, panels are hand nailed. The manual process takes a lot of time, but it is well worth the effort. It is a surprisingly longer process than what was typically done with tin ceilings in the past. For one, experts would align each panel with a set of nails. Now, the panels are attached directly to the plywood without requiring that additional furring layer or strip.

What are the benefits of using tin ceiling designs? It is a fair question, and forces people to wonder why it went away in the first place. The reason has a lot to do with cost. Tin is expensive and a little bulky. The culture has shifted to simpler methods, using plaster overlays and plywood to build a quicker ceiling (albeit a plainer one). Tin is rust-proof. Though it can be a little pricey, it is not necessarily expensive. For one, construction companies are trying to get more people interested in tin for its physical properties. Visit to learn why tin is coming back for ceiling design.

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