Funerals: Three Different Options Concerning Cremation

by | May 8, 2024 | Funeral Services

In Asheville NC, cremation is more than a possibility. It is a reality many choose over traditional funerals. The numbers are increasing annually as people seek a more environmentally friendly option than a conventional burial. However, this type of funeral, like burials, has several options from which to choose.

Direct or Pure Cremation

This is the most basic and affordable form of cremation. A “no frills option,” still treats the deceased with the dignity s/he deserves. It is ideal for those who want the least muss and fuss after they have passed.

Direct Cremation – Variation

For those who prefer this type of funerary treatment, direct cremation can be supplemented with the addition of a container in which the deceased resides. It is usually a simple urn or cardboard container.

Traditional Cremation

A traditional cremation bears certain characteristics of traditional funerals and funerary services. It is one in which the family, friends, and others gather to mourn the death and/or celebrate the life of the deceased. This service can take place anywhere in conjunction with the mortuary. It can also take place either before or following the cremation. This type of cremation may be referred to as a memorial service as it can involve both memorial and viewing services.

Traditional cremation has several options. Depending upon the package, those paying for the service can upgrade the urn, the coffin, and other aspects of funerals In Asheville NC. Accordingly, this option, even at its most basic, is the most expensive of all cremation options.

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