The home is a complex structure that requires a stable foundation for strength and security. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur due to mistakes in construction or soil preparation. Poorly prepared soil can easily wash away leaving voids under the building. This usually results in shifting and stress points in the foundation. As the stress spreads, some useful indicators should appear. For instance, a shifting foundation might cause the doors and windows to stop functioning properly or result in cracks around doors or window frames. Cracks along bricks or blocks are also an indication that something moved. The best option for this repair is a usually Concrete Pier Foundation in Maumee OH.

The benefits to using concrete piers is strength and resistance to corrosion. The repair is handled by gaining access to the foundation soil and creating a void to place the piers into. A Concrete Pier Foundation in Maumee OH is preferred because the piers are stacked in place instead of driving a pile into the bedrock. After the piers are properly stacked, the contractor will fill the void and restore any damaged concrete. It is possible to fill the void with the original soil or grout. The latter may be preferred if the original soil was poorly mixed or part of the actual problem.

One of the benefits to using grout is the ability to allow the grout to set and strengthen the piers.The most common reason that a foundation fails is water. This is because water can move away the supporting soil or turn existing soil into mush. When this happens, the weight of the building will push against the soft earth and force the building to shift. This causes shear points in the foundation that spread stress across the building. This results in the damage mentioned earlier. By securing the building, stabilizing the soil and creating a solid foundation repair, it is possible to prevent future failures. This will require vigilance on the homeowners part to ensure that water is draining properly. If the property owner isn’t sure the problem is a foundation failure, it is possible to have an expert check things out.