A quality Phoenix SEO agency can help you get the online visibility you want. Many business owners know their ideal customers are looking for them online. Finding a marketing team you can trust to use white-hat strategies and get you results is a challenge. Work with an agency that understands the time investment required to rank in searches. Smart marketers who get their clients’ organic traffic know that you won’t see a lot of growth for one or two months. It typically takes three or four months to implement real SEO strategies that work. Your SEO experts should have a strong understanding of algorithms, updates, site structure, loading times, and more. They should also be able to help you update your website so it is dynamic and attractive.

The right SEO experts can get you started on a content strategy that works for you. Some businesses use more long-form content than others. Whether you rely on short blurbs scattered around your site or plenty of blog posts, your content counts. Your SEO team should be able to make sure your content is relevant and easy to search for. They can help you compare your content to your competitors’ content and research keywords for you.

Your SEO team can also make updates so your headers, internal links, mobile displays, and external hyperlinks are optimized. They also optimize metadata, alternate image texts, videos, and more. Some SEO teams can connect your account to an integrated dashboard that shows itemized SEO updates and statistics. You can easily keep track of changes and see how they are working.