For many men and women acne in their teens and early adult years has left visible scars and pits on their face, neck and chest areas. These scars can have a significant impact on self-confidence and may even impact a personal’s comfort in meeting others, impacting their quality of life. If this sounds like something you are trying to deal with, laser acne scar removal in Los Angeles is a treatment to consider.

There are many different options that offer mild to moderate success with acne scar removal. In the past, the only options were typically chemical peels and dermabrasion, which may have resulted in longer recovery times after treatment. With the new technology of laser acne scar removal in Los Angeles, you may find you have only limited recovery time required, and there are fewer treatments needed obtain the same results.

The Process

There are different types of laser acne scar removal in Los Angeles, with traditional lasers often being the more common choice. However, this will take multiple treatments and will also have some degree of discomfort and recovery.

With a non-ablative laser, the top layer of skin is not destroyed in the treatment, which is what is found with chemical peels, dermabrasion, dermaplaning and with traditional lasers.

The non-ablative laser is a different type of laser, using short pulses or bursts to actually change the skin at a cellular level. This change is recognized by the body, and in response the body corrects the cellular change, resulting in smoother, even skin.

Deep Scars

Since non-ablative laser acne scar removal in Los Angeles literally works from the inside out, there is very limited redness to the face and side-effects are very rare. Some people may not be good candidates for this procedure, which is why your doctor will do a full evaluation of your skin before recommending the procedure.

For individuals with very deep scars, or those with significant scarring on larger areas of the face or body, multiple treatments may be required. Since the scars will not return, clients can choose to structure these treatments to work with their schedule as well as their financial situation.

When you want to consider permanent, effective and stress-free options in laser acne scar removal in Los Angeles, as your cosmetic doctor about non-ablative procedures for your skin.