Sewer problems can quickly turn into expensive repairs if the waste begins to flow back into the building. For example, a major clog in the sewer line can cause toilets to overflow and ruin floors, walls or cabinets. The resulting mess is incredibly difficult to clean up and the smell often lasts for weeks or more. In many instances, this problem is detectable by watching how the tubs, showers or sinks drain. Slow moving drains often indicate a clog is developing somewhere and the possible need for reliable drain cleaning in Reno NV.

There are various types of drain cleaning solutions. The first is flushing out the pipe traps. Pipe traps or p-traps are those curved sections of pipe installed close to the drain. They function by collecting a little water in the crook of the pipe and their purpose it to prevent the return of sewer gases. Unfortunately, this method of gas prevention can become blocked if hair, food or other debris gets stuck in the trap. The solution is to remove the p-trap and clear out any blockages. However, it is important to let an expert in Drain Cleaning in Reno NV handle this task to reduce any chance of damage to the pipe threads and the possibility of leaks.

One of the more common areas where the sewer can clog is the main pipe that leads from the building to the municipal connection. Eliminating this issue can be tough because it needs access to the pipe and the right tools to break through the blockage. The first concern can make use of an access vent. This is a ‘y’ shaped fitting in the pipe that has a removable cap. If this is not available, then the plumber will need to remove the toilet closest to the outside pipe. This allows the use of the pipe snake or rooting tool. A pipe snake is a long, flexible cable that has an auger attached to the end. The auger will pierce the blockage and get things flowing again. Unfortunately, this does not always eliminate the blockage. The contractor may need to examine the pipes with a video snake or use water jetting to thoroughly clean them. Video examination of the pipes determines if they are damaged or waste has accumulated on them. Water jetting uses extreme pressures to scour old gunk away.