A dental crown is a type of dental procedure that restores your tooth or implant by completely encircling it. The main reason to consider getting a crown is if your dentist has informed you that your cavity is threatening your tooth’s health. You should always find a dentist who tells you about the health benefits of dental crowns as well as the possible health risks of getting dental crowns. If you see a dentist who is specializes in dental crowns in Arlington Heights, then you are in good care.


There are many benefits associated with getting a dental crown. Not only does a dental crown repair your tooth to its original size, but it also encapsulates your tooth allowing it to regain its strength. A crown can also renovate your smile. Crowns can revamp your smile because they close any gaps in your teeth, as well as fix cracked and chipped teeth. Your dentist can best advise you as to whether or not your mouth can benefit from a dental crown. The beauty of crowns is not only the way they make you feel and look but also the fact that they require little to no maintenance. Crowns are made to last many years, even decades.

Side Effects

While there are many upsides to having a dental crown placed in your mouth, there are also downsides. When you find the right dental practice, they should always make you aware of all the risks associated with getting dental crowns. Ensure your dentist is properly trained to put a crown in your mouth, then he/she will take the necessary measures to clean and seal the crown. Without this care, your crown could lead to an infection. Another risk that is always possible is that you get an allergic reaction to the synthetic materials used in the dental crown. However, if you find the best dentist, the risks are limited and should not occur.

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