So you’re getting ready to move and are exploring moving companies in Rockville. One of the most important pieces of information to obtain from a company you’re considering is an estimate for the cost of the services provided. What goes into the estimate? How do you know that you’re getting value for money?

What Are You Getting for Your Money?

An estimate will be based on the weight of your goods, but other factors could come into play, too. Moving companies in Rockville can provide a variety of services, and it is important to know how these factor into the cost. Are you expecting the company to pack your possessions? Does the company charge for taking furniture upstairs? Are there charges for difficulty parking the truck at a moving site? Be sure the company is specific about its charges.

Two Types of Estimates from Moving Companies in Rockville

There are two basic types of estimates: binding and nonbinding. These are based on weight. A binding estimate could result in your paying more because the moving company might anticipate that your possessions weigh more than you think. However, a nonbinding estimate might also end up being more costly if your furniture does exceed the projection, and moving companies in Rockville have the right to hold on to your belongings until you pay the difference because of the additional weight. The best choice is a binding estimate that is not allowed to go beyond a certain figure.

Know What You Have

Estimates you obtain will be more likely to be accurate if you are critical in assessing your belongings. If using an online calculator, be sure to include all the furniture in each room; some forms are very specific, and although it might be tedious to fill them out, the more detailed you are, the more on target the estimate will be.

Shop Around for Moving Companies in Rockville

There is no shortage of moving companies in Rockville, and some provide free estimates. Get detailed estimates from a variety of companies so that you can find the best balance of economy and service. An online calculator can be helpful in this regard. Consider carefully the services you need, and beware of charges that seem extra.

Do Your Homework about the Company Too

Don’t neglect to look into the company itself. How long has it been around? Is it licensed and insured? (Both are required.) If you’re moving out of state, does it have a federal license? Have there been complaints to the Better Business Bureau, and how have they been resolved? Putting a little effort now into learning about moving companies in Rockville can save money and frustration later.