Getting Necessary Services for Your Furnace and AC System in Lakewood

by | Dec 28, 2023 | HVAC Contractor

Your HVAC system plays an important role in keeping you safe and comfortable. Whether you have a noisy furnace or a problematic air conditioner, you can be helped. Look into a Cary HVAC service.

Services for Your AC System

Sometimes the fan of an air conditioner can become damaged. It is also not rare to see a leaking refrigerant. If your AC is not working properly, consider a Cary HVAC service. You can benefit from a free-in home consultation. A licensed technician will first perform a multi-point inspection and thus inspect all parts. He will inspect the air ducts, filters and coils. If your system is still new, it may just need a tune-up. Certain components can be fixed. However, if your air conditioner is too old, then it should probably be replaced. You can also request duct cleaning services.

Good Quality Services for Your Furnace

Is your furnace producing loud noises or bad smells? Has the pilot light been flickering? If yes, seek a Cary HVAC service. A technician can perform a full inspection and perform a tune-up for your furnace. Vents can sometimes get clogged with dust and other particles. A furnace can also develop a leak. This may require an emergency service. A furnace, however, that is too old should be replaced. You should also consider replacing your furnace if it has rust. You can also request a heat pump.

Emergency services are available throughout the year. There is also a membership plan. For more details please visit WeatherWise Heating & Cooling, Inc. now.

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