The typical lifespan of a water heater is eight to twelve years, and while it seems like this is a long time, at some point you are going to realize that it is time to have a new water heater installed. While some people choose to install their own water heaters, there are plumbing codes that they need to meet, and so most people find it easier to hire someone to do the water heater installation.

Selecting a New Water Heater

Before you can hire someone to come in and install your water heater for you, you are going to need to decide what kind of water heater you are going to have installed. The easiest thing to do regarding water heater installation is to choose a water heater that operates on the same fuel type as the one you are replacing. This prevents the need to run new fuel lines. Water heater installation is very simple when the new water heater uses the same fuel source as the old one. However, there can also be advantages to switching to a new fuel source.

Choose Someone to do Your Installation

There are a couple of different options for who you can choose to perform your water heater installation in Jacksonville, FL. First, you can have it installed by the store where you purchased your water heater. Many of these stores offer installation services and advertise that they are trained and insured. However, these installers spend their time installing many different things and aren’t trained specifically for plumbing jobs. A second option is to hire a plumber to do the installation. The advantage to this is that you know the person who is doing your installation is trained specifically in plumbing jobs and is more likely to get the job done correctly.