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by | Apr 27, 2016 | Automotive

Hino trucks are made by Hino Motors, Ltd. based out of Japan. These trucks fall into the category of medium to heavy-duty types of commercial vehicles, and the company specializes in diesels. This company is actually as a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, a vehicle manufacturer that is a household name in Texas and across the nation.

While Hino trucks may not be the most common on the road today, they are now marketed internationally in North America, Mexico, Australia, Israel and in Pakistan. The company also makes buses, some automobiles, and they also market a hybrid truck not yet available in the United States.

In the USA, there is a demand for these trucks as they are efficient vehicles offering both the cab-over and the standard cab configurations. The new models of these commercial vehicles come with a wide range of standard features including automatic transmissions, Bluetooth radios, air conditioning and hydraulic brakes.

Finding Hino Truck Parts

It can be somewhat challenging to find Hino truck parts in many areas of Texas because of the relatively new nature of these vehicles as imported medium to heavy duty trucks.

There are dealers in the south east part of the state that are Hino dealers, and these are the best options in finding OEM parts. While it may be possible to use aftermarket or generic types of parts in the Hino, as with any vehicle the lower cost of these parts is often offset by their incompatibility with the truck, resulting in the risk of other types of damage or failure and the increasing cost of the repair.

Looking online and searching for Hino truck parts is often the best idea. The top companies will provide an inventory of their parts and repair services, and contacting the dealership directly will allow you to confirm the part is in stock and arrange for shipping.

Shipping Considerations

There are a few dealerships offering Hino truck parts that have extensive inventories while others may just carry basic parts. Either option can be a good choice, providing the dealership parts department is willing and able to track down and arrange shipping for any parts they may not currently have in stock.

By selecting a company that will provide this service, and also offers overnight shipping on parts, you will not only save money on buying all your parts in one location, but you also will decrease downtime, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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