The opening of the recreational cannabis market in Colorado has resulted in an expansion of products available to enthusiasts. Before 2014, when the market was limited to patients with medical cannabis cards, flower and tinctures were predominant; vaporizers were just beginning to emerge at the time, and the edible segment was mostly homemade and artisanal. These days, however, renowned cannabis brands such as Wyld are shaking up the market with THC and CBD confections that are certainly worth trying.

Even though the Colorado cannabis market continues to be dominated by flower and vaping devices, edibles are beginning to take hold among enthusiasts who wish to give their lungs a break. In the past, edibles have been shunned by people who had uncomfortable experiences with homemade cannabis brownies that packed an unusually strong punch. This is not the case with today’s edibles such as Wyld gummies.

If you want to give your lungs a break from smoking or vaping, Wyld gummies is a smart way to go. Wyld was one of the first cannabis brands to produce edibles in 10 mg portions in packs of 10. The standard recommendation for everyone who is trying THC gummies for the first time is to take a single one and wait about an hour for the metabolic effects to be felt; this allows you to evaluate how many more you can reasonably take without feeling overwhelmed.

Wyld offers indica, sativa, and hybrid gummies with various levels of THC and CBD; in fact, this brand is very popular among people who have been enjoying CBD edibles for years because the balance of cannabinoids always feels just right.