Giving Pets the Best life Possible with the Aide of Animal Hospital In Los Angeles

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Veterinarian

Most people who have pets consider them beloved family members. Part of their care includes regular visits to an Animal Hospital In Los Angeles. A veterinarian’s main focus is to help pets live the longest, healthiest life possible. This is achieved by educating owners on proper care of their type of pet, early diagnosis to treat maladies quickly and routine check-ups in accordance with veterinarian’s orders. Different breeds of dogs and cats may need exams, vaccinations and tests that are specific to their kind. For the best start in life, first visits should begin as puppies and kittens.

Kittens and puppies carry an immunity from their mothers as newborns. That natural immunity begins to subside about six weeks after birth. Vaccinations should begin at that age. A physical is given when they come in for a series of immunizations. The veterinarian assesses eye health, oral health, the ears, heart and condition of the joints. They also get tested for intestinal parasites as well as preventing fleas, grooming practices and a healthy diet. It’s important for pet owners to learn about heartworms and the medications and lifestyle that reduces the risk.

Angel City Animal Hospital has medical care specific to the needs of adults and pets of advanced age. Veterinarians advise that adult dogs that had all their immunizations at youth come in for exams semi-annually. During these visits, they get scheduled immunizations along with heartworm and fecal tests. The joints, eyes and teeth are more closely examined since complications in those areas are generally age related. Older dogs, especially, should not be caring extra weight for it is stressful on the bones and joints.

Cats of normal health come in for check-ups once a year. They get the same examinations as dogs, but get thoroughly tested for heart disease and diabetes. Cats have a higher risk of getting those diseases later in life. Oral hygiene is a key factor in preventing heart disease. Veterinarian technicians show owners how to brush and rinse their cats teeth. Owners will be educated on the eating habits cats should have that keeps them from becoming diabetic. With the caring help of Animal Hospital In Los Angeles and loving pet owners, dogs and cats of advanced age experience those years happier and healthier with no serious medical conditions.

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