Not all denture wearers are old. People usually associate prostheses with the elderly because they are the ones people see wear them. There are many reasons why people are reduced to wearing dentures. Some lose their teeth because of poor oral hygiene and neglect; others are victims of accidents; the only thing that has been consistent is that dentures are the most common method of replacing lost teeth. As many people see dentures as the practical choice for most cases, the advent of dental implants may cause folks to have a change of heart. Speak to a local Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN to determine your need for implants.

Dental implants are made of titanium and permanently anchor artificial teeth directly to the jawbone. They are used to replace one tooth or several teeth, and they look and feel very natural, eliminating the discomfort and uncertainty regarding many daily activities. People are considered a candidate for dental implants if their dental health is good. Clients who have had a recent heart attack, stroke, and those with diabetes, can increase their risk of complications if they have implants installed. It is best to undergo a thorough examination and consultation with the cosmetic dentist. People who lack sufficient jaw bone must first undergo a bone graft to be considered a candidate for this procedure. Dental implants can last for decades because of their durability. Individuals are also allowed to eat the foods they love and wearing implants placed by a local Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN is a fantastic confidence booster.

Compared to dental implants, dentures can make eating more difficult. Discomfort is one of the main concerns of denture wearers and a certain amount of pain also comes with eating food. Indeed, dentures are prone to slip if unsecured, causing superficial damage to the skin and gum. Some people who wear dentures are worried, and even refuse to eat sticky and hard foods; most of them settle for a bland diet and cannot enjoy many of their favorite treats. Seeing Dakota Dental & Implant Center may help determine which is right for you. Dentures should be removed every night and are easily misplaced. Sliding dentures is also possible when eating or talking to other people, causing embarrassment and depression. Click here to learn more.