It’s desirable for water to easily carry kitchen wastes away through the Plumbing in Smyrna TN. Unfortunately, substances such as coffee grounds, eggshells, grease, and hair can form a blockage in the sink drain. This clog can prevent cooking and cleaning from occurring in the kitchen. It can also prove to be a health hazard when left for too long. The following tip can be used to remove a blockage from a kitchen drain.

Remove All Water

One of the most effective ways to clear a kitchen drain is by using a plunger. First, use a glass, pale, or pitcher to remove as much standing water as possible. Do this to both sides of a double bowl sink. Also, remove any kitchen wastes such as food or hair from the kitchen basin.

Correctly Position Plunger

Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the underside of the plunger lips. Firmly press the plunger against the side of the sink near the top. Slowly slide the plunger down the sink until it covers the drain opening. Don’t lose contact with the sink as the plunger moves down the sink wall. Forming a seal over the kitchen drain is important.

Rapidly Move Plunger

Hold the plunger in place over the drain opening with both hands. Rapidly move the plunger up and down 6 to 8 times. Maintain contact with the sink surface during these strikes. The pressure created by forcing water back and forth helps to dislodge the clog. On the last strike, pull up quickly. Test the Plumbing in Smyrna TN by running a steady stream of water for a few minutes. It may be necessary to repeat these steps a few times before the clog is removed. After 2 or 3 attempts, try another method.

Having Plumbing in Smyrna TN that is clogged can be a major hassle. Standing water can also be a breeding ground for mold growth and insect breeding. By using a plunger, a homeowner can easily remove the clog much of the time. However, a serious blockage may require the professional services of plumbers like the ones at Holt Plumbing. The experts at this company can handle numerous plumbing services including Drain Cleaning and plumbing repairs.