A printed circuit board is a key component in the success of any new electronic system, device or component. For many OEMs, the first consideration is to complete PCB design in-house, using on-staff teams of engineers.

While it may be possible to use in-house printed circuit board design, there are some essential considerations to outsourcing this specific task. By outsourcing to an established, recognized company offering PCB design, the OEM can save time, money and ensure the PCB design is fully tested and meets all industry standards and regulations.

Always Consider the Past Experience of the Company

An OEM hiring a company for printed circuit board design should spend time in considering the company’s history in working on projects within the OEMs industry. This is particularly important for medical devices and equipment, military and defense, telecom and aerospace devices.

All of these industries have specific regulations and standards which must be incorporated into the technology used in PCB design and assembly. When outsourcing to a PCB design service, verify experience in your industry and across industries.

Consider Innovation and Flexibility

In the initial discussion of the project with the PCB design company, listen to the solutions and the options the company is proposing. The top companies will focus in on understanding what you need, not on trying to provide an immediate solution without a full understanding of the requirements.

As a PCB can be designed to have any number of the hundreds of thousands of possible components, flexibility and a focus on the needs of the customer should be the main focus of the PCB design service.

Finally, talk to the company about the technology used in their printed circuit board design. Using state-of-the-art technology allows for greater speed and testing of very complex circuits and functions of the board. It is also helpful in creating the lowest cost manufacturing process without sacrificing lifecycle, performance, and functionality.

For your printed circuit board design requirements, talk to the experts at NEO Tech. We will discuss your PCB requirements to fully understand what is needed and how we can assist in lowering production costs while increasing performance.