Weeding is something that every gardener is familiar with. In order to keep their flower beds and vegetables healthy, the bothersome weeds have to be removed. However, there are a few tips that can help make this process easier and less tedious. Some of these tips can be found here.

Leave Sleeping Weeds Alone

All gardens contain weed seeds. However, only the ones in the top few inches of soil will get enough light to begin the germination process. When a person digs and cultivates in the garden, they are bringing hidden and dormant weed seeds to the top. Only dig where it is absolutely necessary. This will help provide effective Weed Control in Spokane.

Use Mulch

Mulch will provide a number of benefits, including helping to keep the soil moist and cool. It also works to deprive weeds of light. An organic mulch, especially, can host carabid beetles and crickets, which will find and devour thousands of the weed seeds. This is a natural source of Weed Control in Spokane.

Weed when the Ground is Wet

It is a good idea to weed the garden or yard when the ground is wet. This is because the soil will be loose, allowing the weeds to easily come out. This will minimize the backbreaking work that weeding often presents.

Remove the Head of the Weed

If the weeds cannot be removed from the ground, then the next best option is to chop the head off. When annual weeds are being dealt with, deadheading will provide a few weeks’ time before the weed “seed spreading” begins. Also, cutting back the tops of perennial weeds, such as bindweed, will reduce its ability to reseed and exhaust the supply of root buds. This will minimize how far they are able to spread.

If a gardener is tired of having to deal with weeds themselves, they can hire Spokane Pro Care to help handle the issue. This will minimize the amount of work they have to do and keep the garden looking great. With the tips here anyone can easily weed their garden and keep it looking great throughout the year.