Have you ever wondered how people actually use Bitcoin ATMs to buy Bitcoin? There are many different steps involved in the process, but this article will walk you through the basics. This blog post will give you tips on using a Bitcoin ATM in Kansas City, KS, so that your first experience is quick and easy!

Choose How Much Bitcoin to Buy, and Insert Cash into the Machine

The first step in using a Bitcoin ATM is to choose how much Bitcoin you want to buy. This will vary depending on the current market price of the coin and can be determined by looking up the value online or checking with an exchange where currency values are updated every minute. Once you’ve chosen how many coins you’d like to purchase, insert cash into the machine.

Get Your Bitcoin!

Once you’ve inserted your desired amount of money and chosen how many Bitcoins to buy, a QR code will be displayed on the screen for scanning by one of your mobile wallets or software programs that can read these codes. The Bitcoin ATM should also provide printed instructions if needed. After inputting which wallet or program to use, the customer must scan their ID or take a selfie in order to verify themselves.

The machine will validate that you have enough money before sending your purchase request out onto the network and scanning for any Bitcoin. It should only be a few minutes at most until coins are dispensed into your wallet!

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