Even though wasps are not the most aggressive type of stinging insect, they can have a bit of a bad temper. This is especially true if they feel threatened. You will most commonly find wasp nests on your home, or in a high traffic area, which represents specific issues, because it means that you and anyone else around is more likely to suffer a painful sting. The good news is, you can take some steps to avoid wasp stings besides just calling on an exterminator in Ventura for help.

Avoid Bright Clothing

If you are planning on spending time outdoors, try to avoid wearing floral patterns or bright colors. Also, don’t use any sweet smelling aftershave or perfume, as this can attract wasps. You should try to keep shoes on at all times too, which will help you avoid stepping on a wasp.

Throw Away all Leftover Food and Plates

If you are planning on hosting an outdoor event, be sure to have all empty beverage containers, plates and uneaten food covered or thrown away. If you fail to do this, you may have wasp’s crashing your party. If you are particularly concerned about wasps, consider calling the exterminator in Ventura before your event.

Keep Woodpiles and Trash Cans off the Ground

In addition to keeping these items off the ground, also move them away from your home. You should make any compost piles and garden areas away from your home’s exterior, as well. All of these items will attack wasps, increasing the likelihood of you having a negative encounter with one.

If you are worried about wasps, or have noticed an issue, then calling a professional exterminator in Ventura is the best course of action. They can evaluate the problem and determine the best way to eliminate the wasps and ensure they don’t return.