When your target audience or customer base is in Asia, it may be more effective to have your dedicated server in Singapore rather than in Australia, the United States or even in Europe.

The proximity of a server to the customer doesn’t guarantee faster loading pages or increased upload and download speed; that is also a factor of the infrastructure within the country as well as the network connections. However, in Singapore, these services are very well developed, which contributes to the efficiency of a website and enhances the user experience. Very limited latency and continual uptime on the dedicated server in Singapore will be hallmarks of a top hosting company.

Can Save Money

Compared to trying to use a dedicated server in another country, the cost of dedicated server hosting may be reduced. This is always important to a business as saving on the service while offering improved performance and speed is doubling the value of this option.

Remember that hosting the website in the country where you are targeting your customers is also important for search engine rankings. By using a Singapore-based server your website will place higher, potentially helping to boost your organic positioning on the results page.

Better Features

It may also be possible to find that companies offering a dedicated server in Singapore will have features that may not be available in other countries. This tends to be related to the competition factor where the hosting service with more global markets will provide services that meet or exceed those offered by other hosting services in a larger variety of markets.

The result of this healthy competition between hosting services includes a greater number of features and options available to customers, better technical support and a higher level of quality control for monitoring, maintenance and security.

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