Most seniors prefer to remain in their home as they age. While they may have health issues or mobility concerns that are making things difficult for them, there are still many ways to help your elderly family member stay where they are most comfortable. Their current home may not be perfect for their needs, but there are some simple changes that can be made to ensure there is an adequate level of safety present. In home care in Elmhurst is a way to make your family member’s life that much easier.

The Bathroom

Many elderly people have trouble in their bathrooms. This is a very tight space, so it becomes difficult for them to get around if they are using a walker or cane. Supporting their body as it needs to be lowered down onto a toilet or into a bathtub can quickly become a safety concern. To make this area safer and more accessible, there are safety bars that can be installed near the toilet or tub. A person can hold onto these bars to steady themselves.


Stairs usually become a challenge for seniors to navigate. The best scenario is there being minimal stairs in and around their home. A one-story ranch is the best option. If stairs are present, you can have a stair chair installed that will electrically move your family member up and down the stairs without them having to physically go up and down. You could also move their bedroom area down to the lower level of the home if that is easier.

In-home care is another way to make your family member’s life that much easier. Home & Hearth Caregivers can provide trustworthy in-home care in Elmhurst to your loved one, whether they need help with bathing, cleaning, food preparation, medication administration, wound care and much more. In-home care in Elmhurst can help keep your loved on safe, cared for and comfortable.