Thinking over overhauling your bathroom? Before you invest thousands into your bathroom remodel, consider these pointers from design professionals. They will keep you from making expensive mistakes – and give you an affordable bathroom worthy of expensive tastes!

Know What to Keep

When you’re considering a remodel, you probably want to integrate today’s hottest, most modern bathroom designs. However, some aspects of your bathroom might be worth saving from its previous look.

If you have vintage tile that is still in decent shape, for example, consider preserving that wall, backsplash, or other feature. Removal would probably be time-consuming and very expensive anyway, and why bother with that when you can save that feature and play it up with fresh, new surroundings? It’s like putting old art into a new frame – and just as affordable!

Know What to Replace

Your money is best spent on replacing items that necessitate it, then decorating and filling in gaps with affordable alternatives to expensive options. If your bathroom cabinets are falling apart, it’s time for them to be replaced. You can choose an affordable option with a smaller footprint than your original cabinets to open up more floor space or go higher vertically to create an affordable approach at adding more storage.

Begin with what you need, then budget the rest of your remodel dollars on what you want. You’ll find that your expenses are a lot more manageable that way!

For more information about bathroom remodeling – and how to get the most for your money – talk to your Troy, MI kitchen and bath retailer Acorn Kitchen and Bath. They can help you make the right decisions, so your new room will feel like a smart decision, even long after the newness wears off.

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