Most people complain about condo living because they didn’t realize all the extra fees and money they’d be spending. It can be upsetting to think you’re home-free only to realize that you’ve still got costs associated with your dwelling. However, unless you’re willing to get a house and live away from all that NYC has to offer, you need to understand that luxury condos come with hidden costs, realize what they are, and understand that they’re important.

Higher Energy Bills

Those beautiful high ceilings you have can be an aesthetic appeal, but they may cause your energy bill to raise. You’ll be using more electricity and gas to heat your home or keep it cool, especially if you have the blinds open to see the magnificent view. However, planning ahead will allow you to enjoy your luxury condo in NYC without worrying about having enough money to pay the energy bills.

Maintenance Fees

Condos are well known for their maintenance fees, sometimes called HOA fees. You never have to ride a mower or plant flowers, but they must still be done. Therefore, you will pay a little each month to the building owner to cover those expenses. However, most people don’t mind, since they don’t have to do the work and can still use all the amenities.


Tipping is customary in NYC, as well as any large city. During the holidays, it is customary to tip doormen, parking attendants, porters, elevator operators, concierge staff and more. However, throughout the year, you get to use their services, so most people don’t mind spending the extra money.

Storage Fees

Luxury condos are usually big enough to store all your things, but if not, you may find yourself in need of storage. Most buildings provide fee-based storage facilities, but you’ll have to pay for those services. Visit Carnegie Park Condominium.