If you have a person in your family that loves to get outdoors and walk then hiking staffs are a perfect gift. These unique hiking sticks are a perfect addition to anyone’s gear and, since they come in so many different woods, colors, styles and designs you can find just the right match even for that hard to buy for person.

The benefit of using wooden hiking staffs is not just one of looks or being really in style out on the trail. In fact, hiking staffs are an important part of hiking safety, providing an additional “leg” to help you with traveling over uneven ground or stepping up or down. This is important if you are on a trail, perhaps even more than if you are hiking on a well-maintained path in a city park.

Choosing the Right Wooden Hiking Staffs

When you are selecting hiking sticks made of natural wood you really can’t go wrong no matter which option that you select. Generally issues to consider include the length of the hiking staffs, the handle or lack of a handle and the actual wood itself.

Top quality hiking staffs are always treated to be durable for use outdoors. This can include staining and sealing or using a lacquer to preserve the wood but allow the beauty of the wood to show through. You can also choose from the ends of the stick for a traditional rubber end to a spike that is great for hiking rough terrain.

Options to Consider

Some wooden hiking staffs are completely straight while others may have interested lazy “s” shaped curves through them. The curved sticks are typically called river bend style and they make an interesting option.

Wood that is used for hiking staffs can be native woods such ash, cedar, maple, walnut, aspen and willow or you can choose the exotic woods as well. This includes blackthorn, ebony and padauk with inlays of other woods to really make a classic design.

These custom hiking sticks at Irish Walking Sticks are sure to be a prized addition to anyone’s hiking gear. With all the styles and options you certainly don’t have to worry about making a wrong choice, these hiking staffs are always going to be a treasured gift.