Being arrested for a DWI can carry hefty penalties. This is especially true for those who have been charged multiple times. Though hiring a lawyer cannot make miracles happen, a lawyer may be able to have some of the penalties reduced. Through the help of a lawyer in Rockwall TX, a defendant may be able to have their charges reduced or even dropped.

The first step a lawyer in Rockwall TX will take for his client is to review the charges against him. Often, people are not familiar with legalese and are not aware of what their charges actually mean. A lawyer can help his client to fully understand what charges he faces and what type of sentencing he might expect.

Working with the district attorney is a crucial job of the lawyer in Rockwall TX. This is especially beneficial if the client is not a repeat offender and does not a have a lengthy record of other crimes. It is the job of the lawyer to make his client look as good as possible before the judge. Often, deals are struck before the first trial date even comes.

Lawyers may be able to get charges lessened, so a person does not lose their license or spend jail time. This is not always possible since a person’s record and how intoxicated they were come into play in the decision process. The lawyer will use case precedents and his knowledge of the law to get the best sentencing deal possible. In some cases, this may allow for charges to be dropped completely.

Even if charges are dropped, the arrest can often mar a person’s record. A lawyer can ask the judge to have the arrest and fingerprints expunged from his client’s record. This can help to prevent problems with a person’s job, education and family.

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