When a person is injured in an accident they have many questions with very little answers. Who is responsible for the injury and are they liable to pay compensation for the injuries suffered? Do you file a claim against them and what is the process you should follow? What if the other party is fighting your claim? Is there another avenue you can take to successfully be compensated for the injuries you have suffered? As a victim of negligence of another party, you are dealing with enough just trying to recover from your injuries. The last thing you want to deal with is the stress of having to work with an insurance company or fight for a fair compensation. An injury lawyer in Houston can assist you in receiving the settlement you are due for your injuries.

Why You Should Hire a Law Firm to Oversee Your Claim

  • They have the experience you require to help improve your odds of obtaining a fair settlement.
  • An attorney has knowledge of both state and federal laws to help support your claim.
  • A lawyer has past experience of working with insurance companies and know how they work.
  • They understand the legal terms that are used and can help translate them into laymen’s terms so you will understand better what is going on.
  • An attorney will negotiate your claim to the insurance company and even represent you if the case goes to trial.

Have Peace of Mind Your Claim is in Good Hands

It can be frustrating dealing with insurance companies, their main objective is to save their business money by settling your case for less. The Stephens Law Firm has the knowledge required to aggressively and successfully work your claim to help you receive a fair settlement. They have a team of experts that will work together to gather the evidence they need to prove the other party is responsible for paying for your injuries. From motor vehicle accidents to defective products, they have over 26 years of providing their services to the Houston area.