Someone’s negligent act can lead to someone else’s spinal cord injury that causes pain and suffering the rest of a victim’s life. Personal caregivers and the inability to be gainfully employed can also take place. In this type of situation, a victim or their family should contact a spinal cord injury lawyer in Upper Marlboro, MD.

A spinal cord injury lawyer will aggressively go after the insurance company and hold them and their insured client responsible for the injuries the victim received. The family and the victim should never attempt to gain a settlement on their own without the legal guidance of an experienced attorney. The victim will never have to pay any money to the attorney because the attorney only receives payment for their services if they win.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can cause spinal cord injuries. Inappropriate administration of spinal anesthesia and errors during back surgery can result in detrimental damage. The victim’s medical records will have to be thoroughly reviewed to determine the exact error that was made.

Automobile or Trucking Accidents

High rates of speed, drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and texting cause injuries to an unsuspecting victim that results in serious injuries to the spine. A spinal cord injury lawyer in Upper Marlboro, MD has the skill and knowledge to help a victim through this difficult time in their life. They will review the victim’s insurance policy and present the victim’s case to the opposing insurance company.

Who Is at Fault

Insurance companies will attempt to blame the victim for their injuries because they can reduce the amount they have to pay if they can prove the victim is at fault or even partially at fault for their injuries. A lawyer understands the tactics the adjusters will attempt to limit the payout to their client.

It is never recommended that you or a family member attempt to file a claim on your own against a negligent insurance company because the settlement offered will be less than you are entitled to. Visit us and discuss your case for free, and you will receive all of the answers to your legal questions.