Virtually all small electronics and most major electronic systems and components now use integrated circuit design or IC design. This technology is in use in the telecommunication industries, in aerospace, in military and defense as well as in implanted and external types of medical devices.

The focus on IC design is in the ability to create miniature circuits that can be used on semiconductors within an electrical component or system. Some people assume that all IC design includes digital circuits, but in fact it also uses analog circuits as well. In many applications mixed signal design is used, which means both analog and digital circuits are used in the same component.

These systems, either digital, analog or mixed, are incredibly complex. Failing to design the system to take into consideration internal noise, efficiency of the system and placement of each of the components on devices that are literally computers on a chip can create delays in production or failures within the component.

Dedicated Teams

As most prototypes and new products will require a unique integrated circuit design, finding a company with dedicated design teams with experience in a specific field or industry will be critical.

This experience and knowledge of not only the best in IC design practices but also in the latest technology and research is invaluable to getting the circuit designed, tested, validated and ready to move into full production when appropriate.

Some companies may only work within specific industries. Larger electronics companies may offer several different design teams, each with their own expertise in different markets or areas. These large companies are also uniquely positioned to be able to offer a full range of services and scalable production capacities.

Full Range of Services

When selecting a company for integrated circuit design, be sure to also consider the other services they offer. Working with one company to provide design and development, assembly and manufacturing streamlines the process.

It is also a positive approach to logistics management as your business partners with the electronics manufacturer able to coordinate manufacturing within their own facility. This allows you to focus on your business while having full confidence in the partner company to get the job done.

While you may initially look for a company to help with IC design, consider the benefits of working with a more solution and production focused electronic solutions provider. Compare what different companies are able to offer and then choose the one that is best for your business.