Drinking and driving can alter a person’s life. This is especially true if an accident with injuries or fatalities ensues. The driver faces a stiff prison sentence and fines. Likewise, the victim can sue for damages. A judgment may result in garnished wages and loss of property. Drivers will be charged with DUI in all fifty states if their BAC is .08 or above. Further, it does not matter whether one’s driving is impaired or not. Additionally, drivers may be charged with DWI in some states. DWI charges are brought when alcohol affects the driver’s coordination.

The same laws apply whether the driver is impaired by drugs. It does not matter whether the drugs are legal. After a traffic stop, the police will ask for a blood test. People do not realize they give consent simply by driving. A refusal for a first time DUI or DWI can result in a six-month license suspension. Those who refuse need to hire a DWI lawyer in Dundalk MD. A refusal on a second DUI or DWI may result in a year’s license suspension. The penalty is the same for a refusal on a third arrest. A refusal may mean a harsher sentence if convicted.

Indeed, a conviction after a refusal may add $500 to the fine and two months to the jail sentence. Meanwhile, the driver has to save their license before the court. The DWI Lawyer in Dundalk MD will ask for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. This is critical because there is a ten-day limit to file for a hearing. This hearing relates to the license suspension only. Many people need their license to go to work pending a court resolution. The lawyer has an opportunity to present evidence at the hearing. They will fight to make sure the client keeps their license.

Lawyers may challenge the results for clients who take the test. They accomplish this by hiring experts in testing procedures. Additionally, the timing of the test can be challenged. Drivers should be tested within two hours of their arrest. The time is four hours for people suspected of using drugs. If you have a pending case, contact the law offices of Maria Caruso.

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