A brain injury can happen to anyone in any number of scenarios and you never know when you might be the next person to fall victim to this type of injury. Although this is tragic and can alter your life forever, you need not be forced to handle the extreme medical bills and other associated problems by yourself. After all, many causes of severe injury to the brain happen because another party was negligent or directly responsible for the incident and you need a qualified legal professional to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Your Rights

After a severe brain injury in Phillipsburg, NJ, it is not uncommon for the victim to experience lack of focus, memory loss, confusion, vertigo, and a number of other symptoms that can easily be taken advantage of by the other party. A professional can ensure that your Phillipsburg brain injury is never an opening for someone to use to his or her favor, making it possible for you to get a fair trial after this horrible situation. A trusted attorney is critical in such a situation as he or she will act on your behalf and do everything in the better interests of your case during the proceedings.


A brain injury case can be complex to fight, making it all the more important that you hire a professional attorney from the start. Traditional personal injury cases are typically easy to authenticate since there are broken bones, burns, and other injuries that can be easily proven to the court. However, an injury to the brain can be more difficult to diagnose and predict as some people experience a severe blow to the head without any long-term effects while others can be permanently disabled by a relatively small injury.

Your attorney will ensure that you get your rights fought for from the start. He or she will work with medical professionals and gather evidence designed to completely prove the cause and long-term effects of your injury.