A leaking roof can be caused by damage to the roofing boards. These can be repaired in different ways. However, it is important to hire a reputable Mississippi Roofing company to perform said works.

Determine the extent of damage to the roofing material

If only a small amount of water penetrates a roof, the damage could be very low. It may not be noticeable during a visual inspection of the roof. As a rule, however, a defective site should be clearly identified.

If a lot of water penetrates your roof, the roofing was probably mislaid, or it has been beaten down by time or weather or both. Keep in mind, however, that a roof with many small damages points to installation errors. The roof will presumably not be permanently sealed even if new bitumen sheets are laid.

It, therefore, makes little sense to repair a roof without proper examination.

Things to ask yourself

Do large amounts of water seep through the roof? Have all problems been solved? Are many small damages visible?

Are connections to walls or gutters leaking? (Roofing cannot be sealed with roofing materials if water is present, meaning the water must dry out first). Are damages visible when water is not present?

Repairing small damages at favorable temperatures

If there are only a few visible damages, which means only small amounts of water can penetrate your roof, hiring a Mississippi roofing company to perform said repair is the next step. This almost always leads to success. The professional will:

* See if the roof needs to be replaced or repaired

* Check whether the outside temperatures are hot enough to perform repairs

* Check that the roof is dry

* Seal the relevant areas with a roofing lacquer

* Spray water on the roof to ensure it is properly sealed

* If necessary, glue some roofing board down

* Repeat the leak test

Universal repair technology with bitumen welds

In general, repairs with sealants or cold adhesives are generally not successful. The best way is to repair a roof is with bitumen welds. Since heat is a must when laying a roof, it must be hot enough to work. Some roofers can work in the winter with the use of heaters.

For this reason, no specific outside temperatures are required. The works should be carried out by a reputable roofing contractor. Click here for more information.