One-third of people between 50 and 80 report feeling lonely, a sad reality for many seniors. What’s worse is that loneliness may have serious adverse effects on an older adult’s physical health in addition to causing them mental anguish.

To survive and reduce their risk of health issues, including cognitive decline, heart disease, obesity, and others, seniors need to have social support networks, which is where home care nursing in Frederick, MD, can help. Seniors can flourish and have a higher quality of life by creating an atmosphere with robust social support networks.

In-Home Caregiving Helps

Hiring in-home care will enable your elderly friend or family member to age in place, at home, and without the danger of their loneliness going undetected. This will guarantee they receive the care and attention they require and deserve. Your loved ones can receive the company they require to flourish and the assistance they need to discover fulfilling activities from in-home caregivers like our kind professionals at Capital City Nurses.

Finding Social Supports

Given that they may not be entirely aware of the causes of their depression, older people may need some time to pinpoint what makes them feel lonely and isolated. According to experts in home care nursing in Frederick, MD, the key is self-awareness. The majority of senior center programs are beneficial for increasing self-awareness and enhancing confidence.

Let’s say your loved one is unsure of the activities that will help them feel more connected with their peers and less alone. In such a situation, there are techniques to aid in increasing self-awareness, such as talking about their emotions in therapy, writing, group exercise, or locating any social activities they might love and then expanding from there.