If your apartment lease is ending soon, then you will probably be looking forward to the return of your security deposit. Your landlord or apartment management company will expect that you return your unit in the same clean condition that it was when you first moved in. If your apartment is not clean and in good condition during the final walk-through, all or a portion of your security deposit may be withheld. Here are some ways home cleaners in Lincoln, NE can make sure your apartment is in tip-top shape so that your security deposit is returned in full.

Appliance Cleaning

It is essential that your appliances are thoroughly cleaned before the final walk-through. To help ensure that you get your entire security deposit back after moving out,home cleaners in Lincoln, NE will clean your stove, oven, refrigerator, and microwave. Not only will they remove baked-on food from your appliances, but they will also remove all traces of food particles from your refrigerator and freezer. In addition to the cleaning, they will ensure that the insides of your appliances are odor-free.

Floor Cleaning

Whether your apartment has hardwood flooring, tile floors, or carpeting, the home cleaning professionals will make sure that they are properly cleaned and deodorized. They use safe products on the hard surfaced floors so that abrasive or harsh cleaning solutions do not harm the finishes. They will also vacuum your carpeting and if needed, will spot clean stains or steam clean the entire carpet.

If you need cleaning services before moving out of your rental unit, call Queen Bee Cleaning Services.