Many homeowners don’t realize the condition of their roof because they see it every day. From the ground, the roof might look great, which can be very deceiving. Homeowners who don’t want to find themselves scrambling to find emergency roof repair in Tucson, AZ, should pay attention to the following signs that signal roofing problems.

Missing Shingles

It’s not unusual for a shingle or two to curl, break, or go missing. That being said, homeowners don’t want to ignore the problem. Replacing one or two shingles is much cheaper than replacing an entire roof.

Shingles Appear Wet

Shingles dry out fairly quickly after a rainstorm. Therefore, if homeowners notice their shingles look wet long after it’s rained, it’s time to call for a roof inspection. Moisture could be getting under the shingles, which is a problem that can lead to a leaky roof.

Shingle Granules in the Gutters

When cleaning out gutters, homeowners should pay attention to how many shingle granules are in the gutter. A large amount of granules indicates that the shingles have started to wear and may not be doing their job properly.

Staining on Ceilings

Any water stains on the ceiling of one’s home is cause for concern. Homeowners shouldn’t paint over the stain and forget it. They should call for roof repair in Tucson, AZ, right away to have their roof checked out.

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