When an individual loses their keys or accidentally locks them in their car, it can be devastating. Fortunately, a car locksmith in Chicago will be able to open the vehicle so a person can regain entry and get possession of their keys once again. Here is a quick look at what is involved with the process and why it is a job that should only be completed by a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to unlock the vehicle without damaging it.

Door Release

To gain access, the locksmith will first need to pry the door open gently. Most now utilize an inflatable airbag that is inserted between the door and the frame of the vehicle to minimize damage. Once in place, they will then gently inflate the device which will expand the door opening and can provide up to one inch of room, which is often more than enough to proceed with unlocking the vehicle.

Lock Mechanism

Once the car locksmith in Chicago has the door wedged, they will then utilize a tool that is similar to a hanger and is equipped with a retractable noose at the end. They will slip the device into the opening and wrap the loop around the door lock mechanism. To complete the process, they will just tug on the tool and unlock the door. Most theft deterrent systems will be activated, so be prepared to disarm the system as quickly as possible.

Key Replacement

Standard keys can be replicated by a locksmith, and some even provide on the spot key cutting services. If the key is designed to control an electronic ignition system or a remote locking device is lost, then the owner may have to visit a dealership to obtain a replacement. Talk to a locksmith and see if they can make a copy, as it will be substantially lower than purchasing a new key through a dealership.

When a person locks themselves out of their car, it can cause them extreme frustration. The team at Amazing Lock Service Chicago can help when disaster strikes and offers 24/7 service. Contact them anytime day or night and regain access to a vehicle as quickly as possible.