With reference to the success of dental implants in recent years, some experts have raised a number of interesting questions to dentists. The long growing popularity of dental implants can potentially cause undesirable situations, like the extraction of a tooth that can actually be saved, to avoid another situation in the future. Naturally, the General Dentist Bridgeport will always seek to save the natural tooth, unless it is in a failing condition (meaning it cannot be saved), or that the rate of successful restoration in the medium to long term is very low. In these types of cases, the smart move is to undergo dental implantology.

The comparison and survival between implants and natural teeth are important. When experts conduct the research that is mentioned before, the main hypothesis that many asked was: “Is the rate of long-term survival of dental implants comparable to that of natural teeth if they are treated and maintained properly?” Many experts have found interesting results that can help a person decide what the best course of action is.

As indicated above, each General Dentist in Bridgeport undergoes an investigation to see if natural teeth have been affected by periodontal disease. Regardless of whether they have or not, each dentist must determine the propensity of the situation and figure out if teeth need to be directly replaced by dental implants. Patients with chronic periodontitis were analyzed in a recent study by the Academy of General Dentistry, and in that study 20.4% of teeth replaced by implants had questionable hope and 34.4% of teeth had no hope. This means that as a general conclusion, approximately 80% of teeth that have questionable hope and about 66% of those teeth that do not have hope could survive for years as long as the patient follows strict control and maintenance, in addition to the prescribed treatment.

When it comes to the survival of dental implants, the study concluded that, after extracting relevant data from their study, some media articles reported a higher success due to the simple fact that they are backed by some companies manufacturing said dental implants. Visit Modern Family Dental to learn more.