Whenever a person is involved in a traffic accident of any kind, someone is likely to get hurt or even killed depending on the severity of the accident. The likelihood of an injury or fatality intensifies when at least one of the parties in the accident is on a motorcycle, as there is virtually no protection for the individual. A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Gonzales LA represents clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents or the families of those who have been killed in motorcycle accidents. Here are some things that clients need to be aware of.

Understanding Lawsuits in Louisiana for Personal Injuries

When an accident has occurred with a motorcycle and another party has caused it, the injured party has one year to pursue a lawsuit in a civil court. If the injured party fails to get the lawsuit filed in that period, he or she will most likely lose the opportunity to have the case heard. The chance to collect damages will also be gone, so it is important for the injured party to hire an attorney quickly. Damages awarded in Louisiana can really mount up if the injured party has a good attorney.

More Information about Motorcycle Injuries Law

it is possible for the other party to try to find the injured party partly at fault for the accident and injury that occurred to him or her. If this is successful, the percentage the injured party is found at fault will be reduced from the damages awarded. For example, the motorcyclist might not have had on a helmet or may have forgotten to wear goggles to protect his or her eyes.

Who to Contact in Gonzales, Louisiana

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